Every Club has them.

They might take on a committee position. Or coach the players. Or work in the canteen some weeks.

No club can survive without them. And they can change year on year.

And the requirements our National Bodies & Leagues & Associations place on our volunteers can seem so onerous.
But they are necessary. This is a litigious world in which we live, and our players & members & clubs have to be protected.

Compliance is a huge task that any club or governing body must get right. Coaches & Trainers must have the knowledge to ensure that they are imparting the age appropriate information to their charges or able to treat the possible injuries that occur during the games. We have to ensure that the people working closely with children are there to do right by them, and not harm.

Volunteers fight their clubs over becoming compliant for a few reasons. They are time poor, don’t understand the significance, see it as a waste of time or just a huge impost on their lives. Clubs can struggle to convey the reasons it’s required for some of the same reasons. And often the staff at the leagues and associations are not trained properly so struggle to advise the clubs of the importance, or the processes, or the advantages.

The different bodies often insist on a particular course or standard that is same, same but different to another body. This can add another level of stress to a volunteer. They have to complete the same sort of basic training to volunteer at 2 or 3 different sports. We need to bring these in line with each other. Let’s have a basic community coaching course that covers the aspects of coaching, dealing with children/adults, requirements of the club etc. Then the sports can concentrate on age appropriate courses for the practical elements. And we need to have the bodies make it easier to recognise other forms of coaching whether it be a P.E. teacher not needing to complete the community coaching element as that is covered by their job. Or a coach that performs at an elite level in one sport not needing the community coaching component for any sport. Or a WWC not being required as their work qualification deems it unnecessary.

Similarly, we must make it easier for the volunteers to manage the courses and certificates and training that is required for them to fulfill their positions. Sports Admin Plus will provide a space that can house each of the courses that the volunteers will require to be compliant. There will also be the ability for Directors of Coaching to provide course material for their charges to give them the greatest ability to coach at their best. Their course requirements will be listed clearly and any external links will be provided. Certificates can be saved and there, ready to be seen by the Group Leader. WWC’s can be verified as being valid without requiring another platform. Other volunteer positions will have training materials and checklists to ensure they can assist their clubs and their charges to the best of their abilities. It will be as much of a one-stop-shop as possible.

Email me to enquiries@sportsadminplus to talk about it and we can see if it’s something you think will work for your club or sport.