Lockdown No 6

Blimey! No 6! This is bloody hard for everyone, but we Victorians are feeling it so much more than the rest of the country.

Our businesses are failing, our families are struggling – but our sporting clubs are just devastated.
I was at a meeting with one of my clubs last week, and it was obvious how they were behind financially with all of these lockdowns.
Normally there are Sunday night functions with children presented with certificates for their endeavours during the day. And parents buying their kids something to eat to save on cooking at home. Functions that are being postponed or just flat out cancelled. And let’s not talk about the buckets of chips that haven’t been purchased during the day during the matches.

All leagues and associations have been trying to get some games happening for these clubs. The fixtures aren’t balanced, and teams haven’t even played each other, before being presented with an abridged finals fixture. Will it even be worth playing finals?

And through all of this, the fees still had to be paid to the parent organisation with very little money coming in to cover it all.

Sports Admin Plus has built a program to help clubs fundraise. Clubs Plus is a Clubs Business Program to bring members who may not be in a position to become a traditional sponsor, but can still contribute to their club and feel proud to call themselves a Club Business. The identification of other businesses in the club should lead to a greater awareness of the trades and services on offer. Some of these could become vital to the needs of the club, or just be vital to a particular member. How cool would it be if you employed a fellow club member instead of looking for that business type somewhere else?

The Clubs Plus Business Program could help with some of the short fall with fundraising from 2021. If you want some more information about it, email Pauline on enquiries@sportsadminplus.com.au or go to the website, Clubs Plus.


It takes a Village

At Sports Admin Plus, we recognise that it takes a village to get a business started, just like it does to raise a child. There are always things to learn and sometime those people are very generous with their time.

There are many businesses I support and some are my preferred suppliers.

Whether it’s coaching, or mentoring, or food or just an ear to run ideas past, I don’t think I’d have gotten too far without them.

I plan to feature some of those businesses, or people, over the following weeks. It will give you a chance to check out those businesses and see if they can help you, or if you can just show your support for another small business. If Covid times have shown us anything, it’s about how difficult it has been for a lot of businesses to flourish or even stay open.

Keep your eyes open for our featured businesses.


Are you ready for Sport to come back? Have you been preparing over the last month or has the whole club been in hiatus? Here are just a few ideas of what you may have to think about to get your sport back out on the field or court or park.


We hope that soon we can have training recommence in groups of 10. That will probably be outside which is fine for those sports that always train and play outdoors, but could impact badly on sports like basketball and volleyball. Attached is a table from the AIS showing what they believe Level B will look like. We are currently at Level A and full games should be possible in Level C.


Before shutdown you may not have had time to get everything ready for full training and game day. There are all of the kits for training and for game day to be prepared for players and staff as well as medical kits and supplies for the canteen to name a few. That will have to be co-ordinated now which will still be tricky when restrictions are in place. Hopefully your game day apparel is all in order but it’s not too late to order more jumpers or tops or dresses if you need them. Your apparel supplier will be able to give you an idea of lead times. (If you are looking for a new supplier, let me know and I can point you in the right direction, or I can co-ordinate that for you.) Footballs/Basketballs/other game day necessities will need to be gathered or purchased to be ready for that first whistle.

Check the first aid kits to ensure they are complete and ready and place orders with your supplier if they aren’t. Is your defibrillator fully charged? Are trainers up to date with their qualifications? On-line first aid training can take place over Zoom at the moment and could be a good way to ensure league requirements are met. (If you need some help with that, let me know.)


Did your registrations drop off over the last month or so? Do you need help with getting players registered? League requirements will have to be met for players to take to the field so it is vital that your teams are ready to go when your league announces a start date. I’m currently helping a couple of clubs with their registrations and will be happy to help you if you need it. Leagues may have had to lay off staff during this time so they will need the clubs to be as ready as possible with their information like team numbers, players ready in data bases, team information ready, officials registered and compliant etc so that it isn’t a mammoth task to get everything organised for Round 1. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


It will be more important now than ever to ensure that each child uses their own drink bottle and that the club doesn’t supply them. Protocols will have to be put in place so that no water is taken out to players on the field. Communication with members early about this is imperative so that all are made aware of the procedures.

There may also be restrictions on the number of people in the change rooms before and after a game. This will have to be managed by the parents themselves and monitored by volunteers. Again, communicating this to all parents prior to the season starting will be paramount to ensuring that there are less issues on game day.

Limits on parents may also be on spectators in venues for games. Parents may not be too supportive of this and other potential restrictions so preparation is key!


  1. Stay in touch with your local league and see what they are saying about training times and groups
  2. Speak to your council about ground/venue allocations/timeframes
  3. Ensure there are enough volunteers to coach the smaller groups
  4. Get all of the training kits ready
  5. Ensure game day apparel is ready for that first game
  6. Make sure registrations are up to date and all is ready for the League
  7.  Set up protocols for drink bottles
  8. Communication with parents re safety issues for virus prevention

Remember, staying safe and well is the main priority and therefore nothing can happen without the direction from your State, your State body and your League so follow their guidelines and we will be back playing before you know it.


Masks have become part of our everyday life, or “new normal”. This new way of life could continue for many months. We are wearing many types all in the efforts to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Many businesses have pivoted to make masks as well as many home businesses that have sprung up doing the same.

But what do you do if you want to keep exercising? While runners and cyclists don’t need to have a mask on, one is needed to be carried.

This soft and warm Snood is the ideal neck warmer and face covering for general wear, exercise or work. It is in a 230gsm elastic mily fleece with a draw cord and toggle for better fit. They can be kept around your neck and then pulled up into place when needed. Ideal!!

We have a face mask with or without a vent. A toggle on the elastic helps secure them behind your ears. They come with 2 filters and are washable. Filter Refills are available.

Custom face masks that can be fully personalised in your club or business colours. They are soft and comfortable in 3 layer sports fabric and are washable and reusable. These also have toggles to allow them to be tightened.

With no sport happening, and no income for your club, this could be a good little fundraiser. If you want to chat about ordering, or with questions, please get in contact.

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