Basketball Coaching Course

Coaches can be the most important person in a childs life. They can encourage and teach and support children in a way that is different to their family.
And as such, ensuring the coach has the skills to assist the players is of paramount importance.
Your Club will encourage you, and provide you with information and skill sessions to ensure that you can assist the teams, as well as improving your own skills to progress you through the coaching ranks, if that is what you desire.

The Coaching Course will guide you through what is required to be done to ensure you are compliant as per Basketball Victoria’s requirements as well as your Associations & Clubs reqirements. The following is what will have to be completed before you can officiate in a game as a coach.

Register as Coach in Play HQ
Have a valid Working with Childrens check
Have a valid Community Coaching qualification
Complete all modules attached to this course.