Williamstown Cannons Basketball Club

Williamstown Cannons is being innovative in it’s approach to training and compliance.

Jamie Cooper, the Director of Coaching, has provided you with all of the information you require to get you set up for the current season.

Each section will have to be completed to enable you to coach or team manage your team.

If you have any questions, please contact pauline@sportsadminplus.com.au for assistance.

Register by clicking on the link and once you have been granted access, you can get started.

This section will allow you to register your compliance information showing your WWC status, your Coaching Accreditation status and read any documentation required by the Club.

Any skills that will need to be taught to the players will be found here and will be available for you throughout the season.

You will be able to access them if you feel you need a little refresher as the season goes on.

Jamie has set courses to suit the different age groups you will be coaching.

You must follow the processes to proceed, but can go back and complete them when you are able. Each will have a set date for which they must be completed.