Lockdown No 6

Blimey! No 6! This is bloody hard for everyone, but we Victorians are feeling it so much more than the rest of the country.

Our businesses are failing, our families are struggling – but our sporting clubs are just devastated.
I was at a meeting with one of my clubs last week, and it was obvious how they were behind financially with all of these lockdowns.
Normally there are Sunday night functions with children presented with certificates for their endeavours during the day. And parents buying their kids something to eat to save on cooking at home. Functions that are being postponed or just flat out cancelled. And let’s not talk about the buckets of chips that haven’t been purchased during the day during the matches.

All leagues and associations have been trying to get some games happening for these clubs. The fixtures aren’t balanced, and teams haven’t even played each other, before being presented with an abridged finals fixture. Will it even be worth playing finals?

And through all of this, the fees still had to be paid to the parent organisation with very little money coming in to cover it all.

Sports Admin Plus has built a program to help clubs fundraise. Clubs Plus is a Clubs Business Program to bring members who may not be in a position to become a traditional sponsor, but can still contribute to their club and feel proud to call themselves a Club Business. The identification of other businesses in the club should lead to a greater awareness of the trades and services on offer. Some of these could become vital to the needs of the club, or just be vital to a particular member. How cool would it be if you employed a fellow club member instead of looking for that business type somewhere else?

The Clubs Plus Business Program could help with some of the short fall with fundraising from 2021. If you want some more information about it, email Pauline on enquiries@sportsadminplus.com.au or go to the website, Clubs Plus.


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