Milestone Banners

Local Banners was born in 2017 to support families to celebrate the milestone games of their children.

Whether it’s a 50 game, 100 game or a Grand Final, kids love running through a banner to celebrate.

Their banners are made the “old fashioned” way with crepe paper and tape. They are deliberately made so they are easy for the players to get through – who wants an injury before the game starts???

While they are traditionally made for AFL Football players, Local Banners has made one for a retiring basketball player as well as for a 21st birthday!!!

While 2 weeks notice is preferred, the girls have accommodated last minute requests.

Pick up is preferred as there would be concerns about them being delivered safely, but it could be arranged at your expense.

Check with your team manager and see when your player is due to celebrate a milestone game. Although it could be considered that every game in 2021 will be special!

Contact Local Banners at now and get organised for the season.