Copy of Team Manager Duties

Team Managers have many tasks to perform in their role. Below is a list as well as the links to forms, the SBA website, email addresses etc to help you. SBA has an incredible website with so much information that will help you, and your team members, to understand the Association and their many programs and services. Aquaint yourself with the Rules of the Association, which will make your experience as a Team Manager alot easier as you’ll be able to answer your teams questions and make you look more awesome!!

  1. Manage the Team
  2. Email the members the registration link once you’ve received it
  3. Ensure all players have registered (Once you have registered as TM, you can see your list of players on the PlayHQ platform under your login)
  4. Ensure TM & Coach have registered
  5. Ensure TM & Coach are compliant
  6. Be across the Rules of SBA, includiung the Social Media and Child Safe Policies.
  7. Ensure all players have the correct uniform
  8. Provide them with the email address so they can organise new items, especially if joining the team late
  9. Manage the week to week games & attendance
  10. Manage Rep points across the team
  11. Request Exemptions for Rep Players
  12. Notify SBA if there is a forfeit via the Forfeit Form
  13. Ensure all players know there is a forfeit
  14. Be aware of timelines of the Club & Association eg cut off times, trophy orders etc
  15. Communicate with Sandy Saints with any questions