Sports Admin Plus can assist in many ways. 

Listed below are some of the tasks that Clubs, and their Volunteers, have struggled with. 

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A free consultation will determine the areas we can work on together, as well as a plan forward.


  • Manage Emails/Phone Calls/Diary/Calendar 
  • Meeting Management
  • Report/Presentation Preparation
  • Assist/Manage Data Base
  • Liase/Correspond with League Body
  • Management of data for meetings
  • Assist with vote collation

Liaise with Apparel Company

Set up Logos & Shop

Lodge with League by Set Date

Ensure all Apparel Items are Set Up in Shop

  • Set up Club details
  • Provide advertising posters
  • Manage data base
  • Process payments to clubs
  • Clubs Plus Link
  • Set up Season
  • Team Sheet Set-Up
  • Allocate Players to Teams
  • Set Up Team Sheets
  • Allocate Officials to Teams
  • Manage Compliance Portal
  • Liaise with Members 
  • Increase compliance levels
  • Manage Members WWC’s/Accreditations


  • Venue Bookings
  • Invitations/Confirmation/Collating Attendees
  • Documents/On-Site Support
  • Arrange Caterer
  • Work with the Club to have the Bar Stocked
  • Arrange Decoration/Bump In of Room
  • Arrange Bump Out

Best & Fairest

  • Set up Awards in Competition management System
  • Enter Votes Weekly
  • Co-ordinate B&F night re Votes
  • Create Visual Presentation

Check Finals Eligibility of Every Player

Set Up Team Sheets for Finals Teams

Lodge with league by Set Date

Registration Forms/Products

  • Check/Update Registration Form
  • Set Up Products
  • Set Up Reports
  • Manage Registrations


  • Manage Transfer Process

Player Points

  • Calculate Player Points Per Team
  • Assess Players Transferring in for Player Points

Data Base Management

  • Check Profiles
  • Check Birth Certificates
  • Upload Birth Certificates to Profiles
  • Check Names Match
  • Allocate Players to Teams

Team Nominations

  • Work with Football Operations to establish Teams for the Following Season
  • Lodge with League by Set Date

Team Sheet Set-Up

  • Allocate Players to Teams in Competition Management System
  • Set Up Team Sheets in Competition Management System
  • Allocate Officials to Teams

Finals Management

  • Check Finals Eligibility for Every Player
  • Set Up Team Sheets for Finals Teams
  • Lodge with League by Set Date

Best & Fairest

  • Set Up Awards in Competition Management System
  • Enter Votes Weekly
  • Co-Ordinate B&F Night re Votes
  • Create Visual Presentation
  • Courses 
  • Compliance
  • Certificates
  • Coaching Training
  • Officials Training