Director & Founder

Pauline Pawsey


Sports Admin Plus’ aim is to make life easier for the people I support.

To help them become better organised, more productive, proactive and to manage their time more efficiently.

Give me your headaches; let me do the tasks no-one else wants. 

It’s time for you to enjoy your time on Committee 

knowing you are giving your members the best Club they can have!


I get the world of volunteers. That was me. My first committee position was as a registrar at our Athletics Club when I was 16 and I’d already been volunteering since I was in Primary School, either at school with my family or at football running boundary or giving out the oranges and in the canteen at Little Aths.  

After school it was performing and helping  behind the scenes or running Front of House for our theatre group.

Once I had my children, I started again with Kinder, Primary School, Athletics and Football. I have recently taken a position with our Junior Sports Club as Secretary to support our Football, Netball and Cricket divisions.

That is some of my personal history, and now for my work.

I have worked in Office Environments for over 30 years.

Administration, Banking, Book Keeping, Appointment Setting and Event Management are many areas I’ve covered along with other aspects that can help your business.

Most companies these days have IMS systems and  participating in the development and improvement of many of them has been fascinating and rewarding.

My passion is Sport and I’ve worked as a Sports Administrator for the last 5 years.

This has lead me to realise that Sporting Clubs are struggling to get and keep volunteers. Their increasingly busy lives limit their ability to persevere with committee work. I have been there – I have been the committee members and volunteers so have seen it first hand.

Hence, Sports Admin Plus was born.

I am here to assist Community Sporting Clubs to get the boring work done leaving the parents and committee to focus on the important things – the members!

Outsourcing is a way of life these days and I’d love you to consider adding admin to that list. I can give your Club Continuity of Service as your members move on and the increasing struggle of filling those committee positions mounts.

If you think I can help you, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Get in touch and let's get you sorted