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Everproof Instructions

Your Everproof Account is controlled by you and is there for you to record any certifications or accreditations you may have, such as RSA, WWCC, First Aid, etc.

You are also able to include details such as Local Council Rates – payment due dates, Car Registration,  Ambulance renewal, anything that requires renewal at a future date.

I’ve outlined some instructions for how to manage a personal account.

Login to your Everproof Account using your email address (unique to you) and your password.


Under the COMPLIANCE tab, you will be able to see what qualifications you have and the organisations to whom you have assigned them. In some cases, eg WWC, they will be relevant across all organisations. With others – they are specific to different sports and different roles. These are set by the Leagues and Associations, or by the main Sport Body and cannot be changed by the club.

If you have a green tick, then there is no further action to be taken.

If you have a red tick, then that item is not compliant. There could be some missing information, or a missing certificate. This will need to be actioned to ensure you can become compliant.

If you click on the Take Action button, then on the Add button on the next screen, you will be able to add the qualification information for that course. It will also allow you to upload the certificate.

Ensure you fill out all of the information as asked. Here, you can choose if you want the qualification to be visible to an organisation or just for personal use. You can upload your WWC’s and course requirements but you can also add your drivers’ licence and your RSA or your phone plan information. Anything that has an expiry date, and you need a reminder of when that will be, can be added to Everproof.
Click on Add Qualification, even if you have just added information. That will accept the qualification into Everproof.


Under the next heading, qualifications, you can either view the qualifications you have in the system or add more.

View qualifications will show you every qualification you have entered. They could be either the personal ones you have in there or the ones that are necessary to be compliant for your respective club. If you have some that aren’t showing as visible to your club, click on the Edit button on the right side which will open it up. The qualification will then open up and you can click to tell it to be visible to the Linked Organisation.

This can be done for every qualification that hasn’t already been linked to your organisations. They will not be able to see them until you do and you will not be compliant until they are.


Under the Share heading, you will find Share History and Create Share Link.

Share History allows you to create a link to share a qualification. You can do 1 or all or as many as you like.

Tick the white circle, put in an email address to share it, add a date for that link to expire (or not if it’s to be permanent) and click Share.

You will then be directed to a Legal Acknowledgement to which you must click I Agree to ensure that the qualifications are shared.
You will then be directed to the Share History screen which shows the new qualifications added. The documents will be sent to the recipient and they will receive an email to show them that you have shared the qualifications.


The notifications tab shows every message that has been sent to you from Everproof.

If an email has been raised by your Club, or if you have a qualification that is expiring, it will show here. Anything you update or add will show here as well.

This will help you to know what needs to be updated, or what emails you may have missed (they do sometimes go into your junk folder).


The final tab is the avatar. That allows you to view your account, edit your account, change your password and log out.


Everproof is a free and wonderful tool if used well and can serve across your personal life and your volunteer life.